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PCBOTS brings together industry-leading technologies, processes, and partners to make state-of-the-art security a reality across your organization. 

We offer proven knowledge and know-how in such technologies as virtual private networks (VPN's); highly available firewalls; authentication solutions using encryption technology; anti-virus software; mail, attachments, and HTTP contents control; and security tools, logs, and mobility. 

PCBOTS Services professionals can help you build sound security practices into your everyday working environment by establishing viable security policies and efficient change management controls. 

Our approach to providing security design and implementation solutions is based on close collaboration with best-of-breed partners. We complement our own products, services, and expertise with those of recognized pace-setters in arenas ranging from continuous backup solutions to Web portals, firewalls, anti-virus software, and secure Microsoft infrastructures. 

PCBOTS Services takes a collaborative approach to helping you implement infrastructure solutions capable of cost-effectively supporting your business goals today and tomorrow. Whether you need to extend your existing network, integrate wireless mobility, tighten security, or expand your storage capacity, our experienced professionals can shorten your time-to-results.

VoIP Phone Systems

Say goodbye to high costs for conventional telecommunications systems.


Don't pay double for telecom and internet services. Say hello to Voice-over-IP and make use of the technology with which data and speech are transferred simultaneously and for which separate telephone cabling is no longer necessary.

Software Precurement

We understand how to analyze, design, integrate, and run an always-on infrastructure to help sharpen your competitive advantage.


Solid relationships with best-in-breed software vendors allow us to be flexible with our choices for your solutions and provide a focused point of accountability that can overcome current and future business problems.

Backup Solutions

For fast, effective integration of your backup solution into an existing or new storage infrastructure, turn to the storage experts at PCBOTS.



Our Backup and Recovery Solution Service via SonicWall CDP, provides end-to-end management of your backup integration process.


The PCBOTS' team works with you to analyze your business and IT environment; develop a comprehensive integration plan and timetable; design an architecture that suits your critical requirements; install backup appliances; implement your solution; and validate and monitor your configuration. 

Networking Services

Your network infrastructure plays an increasingly central role in enabling the high levels of agility you need to respond quickly to fast-moving business opportunities and challenges. 

Today, both wireless and next-generation wired networks have to deliver immediate access for your customers, partners, employees, and suppliers - without compromising the security of your corporate data. They have to be readily and cost-effectively adaptable to support organizational changes such as mergers and acquisitions. And they have to streamline implementation of new business models including transactional Web sites, supply chain management, outsourced business functions, B2B collaboration, and customer relationship management via the Internet. 

With more than 20 years of combined experience in networking and systems integration, PCBOTS Services can help you build a next-generation communications infrastructure that meets all these essential criteria. Our services give you an innovative way to design and build cost-saving modular networks - and to seamlessly integrate them with your legacy infrastructure. We deliver end-to-end lifecycle services in emerging arenas such as storage networking, IP telephony, network consolidation, and intelligent-building technology. And we offer industry-leading know-how to help you select the network solutions that best support your IT and business strategies.

IT Consultation

Today's business climate requires you to deliver more business value in an increasingly complex and dynamic IT environment. 

PCBOTS' multi-technology services help you simplify the daily management of IT through the introduction of methodologies and services that streamline the entire technology environment.


Because minimizing risk and maximizing value are the name of the game, we bring solid experience across UNIX, Linux and open source, and Microsoft Windows platforms - and we know what it takes to make them work together. 

Web Development

Integrating strategic applications into a solid and secure web architecture is the logical "next-step" in an organization's business development and Web strategy. Providing web-accessed business information, business process and advanced applications can help to streamline business activities, provide significant productivity gains. 

Application Development entails building software applications that are tailored to your specific needs and are evaluated by how well they enable you to meet your business goals. At PCBOTS, we use our proven process for application development, E2D2E2 (expose, explore, design, develop, execute, evaluate). 

This methodology allows us to enable your staff and customers to communicate and collaborate, make better decisions, become more agile and outpace the competition.


Training includes education instruction that covers a range of instructional activities it created and/or delivered to adults in a business setting. The training can be directed at several employees, a department or an entire organization.

At PCBOTS, our aim is to accelerate learning across the entire business, empowering our customers through true learning innovation.


By closely aligning educational deliverables to organizational strategy, organizations can maximize the return on their learning investments.